Misappropriation of Faith

Pastor Kevin delivered one of the best messages of his ministry today as he spoke of the “Misappropriation of Faith.” How many times do you do everything to muster up enough faith to get a prayer answered only to discover that your efforts were not enough to see the desired results? It is because you are relying on your own faith and not the faith of Jesus. Jesus has absolutely no doubt whatsoever that God can do anything. So instead of trying to use your faith that can be tainted with wavering, wondering if it’s the will of God, or fear, you need to throw out your own faith and rely on the faith of Jesus Himself. This takes the pressure off of you and puts it on Jesus, the One Who has never failed one time. Swap out your limited faith, and trust in the unlimited faith of Jesus. When you do that you will see healings, financial breakthroughs, salvations, and many other miracles that are now beyond your imagination. Jesus is waiting to see if you will believe HIS faith and let Him thrill you with the results of believing Him instead of yourself!