Stronger Pt. 1

Sometimes the Holy Spirit extends the worship to the point where it erases the need for a sermon at that time. Fortunately Pastor Kevin recognizes that, and he allows the Spirit to touch lives in His own special way. In the afterglow of multiple baptisms and healings Pastor Kevin shared how God is moving through the current political situation. He explained that what we see in the natural God is doing in the spiritual: as the candidates bring in millions to a political party, God is bringing millions into His Church. While one candidate wants to build a wall, God is saying that we must feed our own people spiritually before we can give out something to someone else. Another candidate promises a “free ride” to everyone, while God is saying that we must work for His Kingdom to gain any benefit. We need to look beyond the obvious to see the greater work that our mighty Holy Spirit is doing in the world today!

Chad HutchinsonComment