Our Vision

To be the Expression of Christ in everyday REAL Life!


Our vision is derived from the story of when Jesus was being baptized by John the Baptist. In this moment, we see the true activation of every believer. When Jesus came out of the water, God spoke from heaven “This is my son”. This identified him.  Within every person is a unique gift that God has placed in them and makes them uniquely them. Our job is to identify that “gift” as we become deeper in relationship with one another. This identifies who they are to God and to others.


After God spoke “This is my Son”, he said something that was crucial. “In whom I am well pleased”. This affirmed Jesus not only as God’s Son, but that he was approved by the Father. This was before He ever performed any miracles. God was already pleased with Him. Our job as a church family is once we have identified that gift in an individual to begin to affirm that gift and the individual by teaching that God is pleased with them. That they are coming from a place of approval not condemnation.



Following Jesus’ baptism, the Bible says that He was then led into the wilderness to be tempted. This was His equipping time. This time is when our gifts and character are tested and forced to grow. We as a church are mandated to equip the saints to do the work of the ministry. We have found that some of the greatest equipping tools we have are one another.


At the completion of Jesus’ tempting in the desert, He was then released into society to showcase what can be accomplished when God and man’s heart align. Our true ministry is not only within the four walls of our sanctuary, but on our jobs, in our schools, and in our homes. When we showcase what life can be through the power of the Holy Spirit we truly become the expression of Christ in everyday real life.


Our Story...

     Expression Church was founded in 2013 by Senior Pastor Kevin West and a team that had a desire to experience God in everyday life. The heart was to create a culture where individuals not only joined in with the body of Christ, but that those same people took what God had placed in them to their work places, homes, businesses and their spheres of influence. 
     The vision of Expression is to be the expression of Christ in everyday real life. We accomplish that by identifying the gift that is inside of every person. We affirm that gift that it was designed and given by God. We then equip those to go out into the world that God has called them to and release them to do the work of the ministry. 
     Recently, Expression Church purchased eleven acres of property on the west end of Huntington, WV that is called Commerce Park. In August of 2017 construction was complete on our new home.